Country Chapters

Country Chapters are the local chapters of the global Avoidable Deaths Network (ADN); their purpose is to carry out local ADN-related activities. The Chapter brings together a number of actors to create a community representing different sectors, networks, and at-risk groups involved in reducing avoidable disaster deaths. The Chapter can be hosted by an organisation or a number of organisations, and must be led by a Regional Coordinator, as the host organisations’ point of contact.

As part of the ADN’s Global Campaign International Awareness Day for Avoidable Deaths we aim to promote networking and research around avoidable deaths through the launch of Country Chapters. We aim to create 100 Country Chapters over ten years (2023-2033), with 50 by 2028. We will focus on lower-middle and low-income countries with the highest burden of disaster-related deaths.

To launch a Country Chapter, you must become an ADN Regional Coordinator. The launching of a Country Chapter follows a ‘Common Framework to Launch an Avoidable Deaths Country Chapter – 10 Steps.

Current Chapters

We currently have three Country Chapters: India, Bangladesh and the Sultanate of Oman. Information on our current Country Chapters is available on the Avoidable Deaths Network website.