2024 Activities

Activity Timetable

To mark the global campaign, 53 activities took place across 11 countries (four continents) in Austria, Bangladesh, Belize, Georgia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, UK and Zambia. There were 19 different types of activities which comprised article, press release, light show, meeting, workshop, field visit, chapter launch, social media campaign, tree plantation, orientation, vlog, video, poster, rally, seminar, spoken word poetry, symposium, capacity building and webinar.

The activities were led by 21 ADN Members, namely the Founding Presidents (Dr. Nibedita Ray-Bennett and Dr. Hideyuki Shiroshita), four Advisory Board Members (Dr. Ambika Prasad Nanda, Ms. Patience Fyne Andrew, Professor Alois Hirschmugl, Professor Michael G. Petterson), eight Regional Coordinators (Dr. Fatima Akter, Dr. Inshah Malik, Lt. Zain Dueheney, Mr. Asad Tahir, Mr. Dillip Pattanaik, Mr. Snehendu Koner, Ms. Anuradha Bhardwaj and Ms. Shaiza Khawaja), four Operations Members (Dr. Madhulika Sahoo, Dr. Winifred Ekezie, Ms. Lauren MacLeod and Master Arkoneil Ghosh), one Hub Committee Member (Dr. Shakuntala Pratihary) and two Members (Dr. Nikhil Paul and Ms. Tahira Khan).

The activities are detailed in the timetable and report below.

International Awareness Day for Avoidable Deaths (IAD4AD) Activities 2024

Published: 03.06.24

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Highlights Report
International Awareness Day for Avoidable Deaths (IAD4AD) Global Campaign 2024

Published: 3 June 2024

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