Snakebite Deaths are Avoidable: Hospital Arrival Approach


Join us on Saturday 16 March 2024 to celebrate International Awareness Day for Avoidable Deaths (IAD4AD) with Snakebite Deaths are Avoidable: Hospital Arrival Approach.

Led by ADN Regional Coordinator Mr. Snehendu Konar (Auriga Research), the webinar will teach participants how early hospital intervention saves lives.

The webinar will start at 20:30 IST (India) which equates to 15:00 GMT (UK).

The global campaign aims to raise the visibility of indirect disaster deaths and missing persons and promote the slogan Disaster Deaths Are Avoidable.  We celebrate this campaign annually and encourage individuals, frontline workers, communities, institutions and civil society organisations worldwide to do the same to reduce avoidable disaster deaths.


Our key speakers are:

Dr. Bayal Bandhu Majumdar

Dr. Surajit Giri

Dr. Badal Kumar Sahu

Mr. Kalyan Dey


If you would like to attend, please register below.